Full Body Red Light & Near Infrared Therapy

Theralight FIT is a best in class red light and near infrared light therapy bed. It offers 26,000 powerful LEDs to help the body rid itself of inflammation and oxidative stress. To book, scroll all of the way down and click red light therapy. People often wonder what the difference is between this and an infrared sauna. Here’s a video from Da Vinci Medical to explain it.

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Red light therapy goes under many different names: Photobiomodulation (PBMT), Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT), cold laser therapy, and many others. This therapy is as fascinating as it is effective. Here’s the basics. Specific light frequencies have specific cellular benefits. Those light frequencies are measured in nanometers or nm. In therapy the power behind that light is determined by the amount of wattage behind the light. We are biologically wired to take advantage of this light energy and use it for benefits all the way down to a cellular level. Theralight FIT is a best in class device meant to treat difficult conditions as well as over all health and wellness. Here are some of the benefits.

• Oxidative Stress and Anti-Inflammatory
• Expedited healing times
• Tissue strengthening
• Increased blood flow and lymphatic drainage
• Enhanced immune response
• Reduced anxiety and depression
• Improved sleep patterns
• Hypothyroid and autoimmune
• Muscle recovery
• Arthritis
• Nerve Pain
• Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
• Deep lymphatic and vascular circulation
• Many other conditions

The TheraLight FIT red light bed contains a combination of these wavelengths that can be operated independently or in combination with each other.

• 633nm Red Light
• 810nm Near Infrared Light
• 850nm Near Infrared Light
• 940nm Near Infrared Light


What will I feel?
PBM Therapy does not heat tissue; it does, however, increase circulation, so a warming sensation is often experienced.

How is PBM Therapy administered?
PBMT is delivered to the entire body by bathing the body with an array of LED lights inside the Theralight FIT. A session takes 10 mins.

Does it get hot inside the bed?
No. The LEDs are regulated by a cooling system which keeps you comfortable.

How often will I need to have PBM Therapy?
We recommended three sessions per week for two weeks, then two sessions per week until goals are met. After that, we recommend one session per week for maintenance and wellness.

Do I need eye protection?
We will provide approved Theralight FIT protective eyewear that must be worn during your session. Prescription contacts or glasses can be kept on underneath the eyeware.

Are there any contraindications?
If you are pregnant, have cancer or have had an organ transplant, we advise against full-body PBM Therapy. Additional research is needed to detect any potential adverse effects on patients with these conditions.