Relieve chronic pain & dysfunction through structural bodywork.

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Structural Bodywork:
The everyday athlete’s secret weapon
against sitting behind a desk.

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Most of you have either turned your health around or are on your way there. Don’t let injury derail your efforts. You’ve been behind a desk for a long time, and now you’re moving your body like the human animal. Let me help your body be more resilient and perform better through structural bodywork. Structural bodywork is a form of massage therapy that works to relieve pain by balancing the body. You may think of yourself as sway backed, duck footed or rounded in the shoulders. And you may be, but what you may not know is that these and other issues are not set in stone by genetics or any other reason. With manual therapy and natural movement you can relieve pain, prevent injury and perform better. Click here to see a recent post further defining structural bodywork. Full Body Function is located in the South End neighborhood of Charlotte, NC.



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Lower Back Pain
Neck Pain
Postural distortions
Head forward posture